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Kobold Bounty
Contact: Faren Markelhay
Type: Major Quest
Reward: 10gp per (with proof), plus 100gp for finding the source of their organization and aggression.
Status: Completed.

Dragon Scale Recovery
Contact: Grundel
Type: Minor Quest
Reward: Items crafted by Teldorthan free of charge
Status: Accepted. Partially complete; Currently ongoing.

Catacombs Investigation
Contact: Delmar
Type: Minor Quest
Reward: Undisclosed.
Status: Accepted. Currently ongoing.

House Rules

  • Superior Aid Another: When a character uses the Aid Another action and rolls higher than 20 + half level , the benefit gained by the aided PC is +4 instead of +2.
  • Critical Miss: For melee and single-target ranged attacks, when a natural 1 is rolled, roll 1d8 counting the squares in a burst 1 around the target square to determine which square the missed attack hits. This “missed attack” does not apply to area, burst, and blast attacks.
  • Item Quality: Monsters will generally have low-quality weapons and armor unless otherwise noted. Most merchants will refuse to purchase these types of items from the party, and those that do will only offer 1/10th the normal price.
  • Magic Deficit: Magic shops will not have an unlimited inventory, just because the PCs have the gold required to purchase a specific item. They will normally carry a very limited stock of items. Magic items will be gained either through adventuring, getting a mundane item enchanted (or a magic item upgraded), or crafting the item from component pieces.

Five Hulks and an Elf

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