Five Hulks and an Elf

More kobolds and a couple drakes.

After a short rest, the group continued on to the next area in the manor. There, they found a large room with four coffins. Unfortunately, they also found out the hard way that the room was filled with traps. The room also had an altar in the corner, which was discovered to be devoted to Tiamat. After the small band of kobolds were taken care of, the party decided to take the door leading to further rooms (by shattering the door to pieces) instead of taking the stairs deeper into the hall.

Through the door was an empty room with nothing but a lit fireplace and a weapon rack. The arrow slit traps in this room did not go unnoticed, however. Deftly avoiding the pressure plates, they found a series of corridors ending in secret doors. All paths led downstairs to the next room, which featured a group of kobolds playing a game of skull-skull. The game is played with a rock dipped in sticky sludge, attached to a rope tethered to the ceiling. The goal is to toss the rock at the piles of skulls and get it to stick to the rock, which is then grabbed by another kobold. The 10 foot high ledges and double doors proved to be an obstacle hindering the group long enough for the kobolds to get a few good shots off. Behind the doors were two serpentine drakes accompanied by a beefy Dragonshield, who was wielding an actual dragon scale as his shield. These three turned out to be a force to be reckoned with, but were still defeated in short order.

Further down the corridor, the group found a small fort, which housed two slingers who were having some bad luck trying to climb out to fling ceramic pots at the party members. As the group entered the chamber, they discovered a spell-flinging wyrmpriest who was flanked by a couple more dragonshield bodyguards. To round out the occupants was a flying spiretop drake, who had a penchant for trying to snatch small items off the party members. Sadly for him, its attempts were all for naught. All the chaos of battle was made even more chaotic because of a huge rolling boulder set on a path of destruction.

After all was said and done, a sole slinger remained standing, which the party decided to knock out and interrogate.


Teldurn Teldurn

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