Five Hulks and an Elf

Those darn kobolds!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The campaign starts in the town of Fallcrest. The party members are gathered around a table, wondering what is happening at the table across the room. Sitting there is what seems to be another adventuring group arguing with the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. Unfortunately, one of the members from the group had cast a Silence spell on themselves, so that no one else could hear what they were excitedly talking about.

After a while, the other group gets up and storms out, at which point the Lord Warden walks over to our group and explains his situation. As it stands, up until this point the neighboring kobold population had stayed away from the town through bribes. But the bribes no longer seem enough, and the group accepts the quest to find the source and reason of their increasing aggression (through any means necessary).

After the party accepted their mission, they were approached by the town’s eccentric hedge wizard, who explained that he feels the kobolds are becoming more and more organized, thus more dangerous, and offered use of his teleportation circle to get the group to the entrance of Kobold Hall. They declined, preferring to travel on foot.

About halfway, the group encountered an overturned merchant’s wagon, which was being used as an ambush site by a group of kobolds, which were quickly dispatched and their ears removed as proof. That is when they found that the kobolds had assaulted the merchant (Grundel, who was stuffed inside a potato sack and left underneath the wagon). He explained that the kobolds took his most valuable wares, which were dragon scales. He requested an escort back to Fallcrest, where his brother Teldorthan promised to craft items for the party free of charge should they return the scales. He offered to craft a dagger for one scale, any other weapon for two scales, and any type of armor for four scales.

The group then returned to the hedge wizard and took him up on his offer for his teleport.

The kobolds guarding the first room were taken care of quickly, despite the threat of the sludgy latrine pit and a portcullis in their path.


During the battle where we saved the dwarf; a kobold with unique (white face paint and an earing) features screamed, “For Iron Tooth!!!”

Those darn kobolds!
Teldurn Teldurn

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